Cube Cubed

Abstract piece. Mograph, Ambient Occlusion and lot of cubes.

cube cubed


~ by Leigh Taylor on July 8, 2009.

13 Responses to “Cube Cubed”

  1. yoyo
    this is awesome
    i hope you can give me a tutorial ?

    • Its done using the mograph module in Cinema4D. If you know the basics then its easy to understand. If you try something first then show me I could give you some pointers.

  2. hey
    i tried a lot things like: explosion explosion FX …
    and nothing worked

    • Do you have a link that I can look at? This is done with the mograph module not a deformer. First learn mograph module then I can guide you. You need to show me something so that I will know your level of knowledge. It will be a lot of work for me to explain if you don’t grasp the basics of mograph.

  3. yea i know the basics of mograph
    and i tried with the cloner object an all that crap
    and nothing worked
    can’t you give me a tutorial?

  4. No sorry I’m not into freebies. Unless you can show me that you have tried and are trying then I cant help you. Don’t want to sound snobbish but I do this kinda work for a living if I were to give you a step by step tutorial for free that would make all my work be for nothing. If you knew some basics I could tell you that you need to use grid mode and use a step effector. Where are you from? What sites do you frequent? What forums do you post in?

  5. yea i have the little cubes already
    i will send it

  6. and what did a wrong?

  7. Hi,

    I am using Step Effector and getting the desired break up and fall offs. But I can’t get the cubes to fly off, I tried using wind/ gravity on Mograph but its not working…

    • Ok something I realized that I left out was that there is a spline effector there also. You can draw a spline in whatever shape you want and then have the cubes clone along it. I think I used a sort of cork screw shape with the spline effector having about 60% weight so the clones follow the spline but are not in a strict shape. Hope all this rambling makes sense.

  8. hi

    I’m trying to build a cube with lots of small cubes (step by step). I tried it with MoGraph and a random effecter but it didn’t work out. I want the cubes to fly randomly from one into another directon and build a big cube.

    Maybe you could give me an idea how you made this up.

    thanks a lot!


  9. Hi Fred, maybe you can show me what you have so far and then I can help. If you follow the steps above from the last comments you should be golden. Also you should really check out our new site as we have stopped posting here. Good luck!

  10. hi leigh, thanks the answer. i found a solution with animated random and wind effectors. looks pretty cool! next time on

    so long!

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