House i modeled after one of Richard Meier’s designs. My favourite modeling project to date just cause i like the architecture so much. Its easy to enjoy a project once it is something interesting. So the house was modeled with a combination of techniques, most of which i invented when modeling. So the windows had two frames that were both sweeps along the same path, where one path was an instance of another. This allowed me to change the shape of the window easily by just pulling the spline points that i needed. The walls are extrudes that are booleaned with other extrudes that use the same spline as the window frames therefore when i adjust the spline of the frame, the hole also adjusted. The landscape at the front was done with a nurbs object and the leaves were just alpha mapped polygons. These were randomly placed on the points of the nurbs object by place on point plugin. Render was GI with slight retouching in PS like the soft glow. The little orange glow on the right of the building had to be forced by placing an area light facing upward with an orange colour. I had plans to do the interior but got interested in other projects.

~ by Leigh Taylor on August 11, 2007.

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